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simple and innocent
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10th-Nov-2011 08:31 pm - folie à plusieurs - Prologue
You're my man
“Alright Sunny-ssi… I’ll go get ready.” The lady nodded as she headed off to the other room, Sunny had a special appointment with their hairstylist. She was finally going to cut her hair short, after seeing the response of SONEs to the golden wig she wore on performances, she was determined to cut it off for real.

“Mmm…” was the only answer Sunny was able to give as she sank down the normally uncomfortable seat, I must be so exhausted to think this seat’s comfortable in any way; she thought. She only had one schedule that day, Invincible Youth. T’was just one but it was hella tiring, doing farm work and travelling miles.

Sunny closed her eyes, hoping she’d get a few minutes of peace—only to be awakened by the ringing of her phone. Without bothering to look at the caller I.D. she answered her phone, “Sunny here…”

“Ya! Lee Soonkyu! Where are you?! Why haven’t you called? Are you cheating on me again?!” Sunny immediately put her mobile phone away from her ears as the shrill voice of Tiffany echoed in the almost empty salon. Earning a few weird looks from the few people in the salon, Sunny bid goodbye to Tiffany; only hearing the younger girl calling for their leader.

Sunny with a small blush on her face, due to embarrassment, gave everyone in the salon a slight bow.

Sunny let out a sigh, for the nth time.

Finally! She screamed in her head as she once again, sank in the chair with her eyes closed…

Drifting off to sleep.
“Sunny-ssi…” she heard a voice that came with a light tap on her shoulders. She stirred and licked her dry lips, “Mmm, Taeng… stop bothering me.” She mumbled in her sleep.

“Sunny-ssi, you can go home now… we’re done with your hair.” the voice got louder but was still soft.

Sunny opened her eyes, to see the hairstylist smiling at her. Sunny rubbed the sleep off her eyes and yawned, “Unnie, I’m Sowwy…” And just like that, the hairstylist donned a small blush on her cheeks.

“It’s alright Sunny-ssi…” she smiled and motioned for Sunny to look at the mirror, “You look great.”

Sunny turned to the mirror in front of her, to see her long hair cut off. She has always been the adventurous member of SNSD, but never in her idol life has she cut her hair off this short; though she’s been curious as to how it felt like.

Now she knows, “Unnie! I look like a little boy!” she pouted as she blew on her bangs.

“Kinda…” the hairstylist scratched the back of her neck, “But it’s alright! Sunny-ssi is beautiful!” she suddenly blurted out.

“Eh, if unnie says so~” Sunny hoped off the chair and started dialing manager oppa’s number.

After having a short conversation with her manager, she headed back the dorm. It’s quiet near, but it’s sometime past 2 am. Sunny decided to walk home, because she felt her energy boost up after that nap. She then regretted, as soon as she stepped into the elevator, she felt her knees grow weak and her eyes droop.

“Wha—“ Sunny held on to the railings of the elevator, “Shit, why do I feel so tired now…?” she asked the walls of the elevator and immediately walked out as she heard the ding; indicating she arrived at her floor.

Sunny dragged her body toward the door of their dorm.

Without even taking off her shoes, she headed to the couch in their living room and slept.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Tiffany’s screamed was heard throughout the dorm, waking up everyone.

“Where’s the culprit?” Sooyoung and Yoona , who jumped behind Tiffany, holding their plastic swords, asked at the same time. They were on a crouching position and looked around while dramatically swinging their swords.

“Taetae!” Tiffany hid behind Taeyeon the moment she got to the living room, the latter still sleepy; leaned on Tiffany as she rubbed her eyes.

“What’s the entire ruckus about?” Hyoyeon emerged from her room with Seohyun silently following her.

“There, on the couch!” Tiffany pointed on one of their couches.

“Tiffany, your volume…” Yuri came in the scene with Jessica on her back.

“But! There’s a guy in our dorm!” Tiffany shouted again, “How can you expect me to stay calm?!” she pushed Taeyeon towards the couch; Taeyeon still half asleep, fell on top of the mysterious figure.

“Mhm…” the body groaned as Taeyeon fell on it.

Everyone moved closer the couch, very much curious.

 Taeyeon who was on top of the figure jumped off the couch, now fully awake.

“Yah! Who are you and what are you doing in our dorm?” she shouted at the groaning figure and lightly kicked it.

The figure groaned some more and fell off the couch with a loud THUMP, making everyone back off from the couch.

“OH.MY.GOD. Taetae! You killed it!” Tiffany screamed in panic, waking up the sleeping princess on Yuri’s back.

“Hwang Miyoung, shuttup.” Jessica said as she got off Yuri and walked to the couch, “Fnck, it’s just—“ she gasped.

“Unnie, your language!” Seohyun semi-scolded Jessica.

“Who is it?” “What did you see?” “Tell us!” questions started popping out here and there as Jessica kneeled beside the couch motionless.

“Aish…” a familiar voice was heard, “Why can’t I have any decent sleep in here?” the mystery figure stood up with it’s head hung low and back facing the girls.

“Who is it, Sica?” Yuri inquired once more, hushing the other girls.

“It’s just—“ Jessica stood up.

“Who’s who?” the figure asks as it turned towards the girls.

“Sunny…” Jessica felt her cheeks warm up as Sunny clung to her arms.

There were gasps and hushed conversations, even the maknae was shocked.                 
“What are you guys doing up so early?” Sunny rubbed the sleep off her eyes as she let go of Sica who seemed to be as stiff as s tree branch.

The rest of the girls, stared at Sunny. Stared and stared and stared.

“…So no one’s planning to answer my question, aish, you’re wasting my time.” Sunny stomped off to her shared room with Taeyeon, hoping to get a little more sleep.

Little did she know of the madness that was to occur in the following days…

This is my first on-going fanfic.
Augh, I don't really write on-going's but Sunny's new smokin haircut inspired me to!
This won't be long...
dunno how often I'll be updating, lol.
I'm lazy and I might run out of ideas... but yes, I love sharing things I write so here you go!
the prologue! heh.
I hope you guys enjoyed as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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